All the information for ConUHacks V in one place.


Saturday, January 25th


7:00 - 9:00 am

JMSB Atrium


7:00 - 9:00 am

JMSB 2.130

Opening Ceremony

9:30 - 10:30 am


Team Formation

10:30 - 10:45 am


Career Fair

10:30 am

JMSB Atrium

Hacking Starts

10:45 am



11:30 am - 10:30 pm



12:00 pm

JMSB 2.130


6:45 pm

JMSB 2.130

Midnight Snack

12:00 am


Sunday, January 26th


7:00 am

JMSB 2.130

Career Fair Ends

10:30 am

JMSB Atrium

Hacking Ends, Submission Deadline

10:45 am



11:00 am

JMSB 2.130

Judging Period

12:15 - 2:30 pm

JMSB Atrium


2:30 - 3:30 pm


Closing Ceremony

4:00 - 5:00 pm


API / Themed Challenges

CGI's Social Responsibility

One of CGI’s main strategic priorities is to be considered a socially responsible business by the communities it serves. We are looking to strengthen and accelerate our community engagement.

However, we face the following challenges:

- Having a centralized, comprehensive list of all community projects CGI is involved in, with or without our clients, so that employees may volunteer to work on the projects

- Managing volunteers from registration to the schedule management stage.

Your mission, should you accept it, will be to:

Create an open platform for employees (web, application, etc.) allowing them to connect associations they are involved in and which have community projects that need volunteers (description of their project, activities to carry out, number of volunteers needed, time slots for each activity).

Integrate an availability management tool into the platform to automatically assign volunteers to activities according to their availability and activity preferences.

Prize: $250 MEC gift card (1st place), Fitbit Inspire HR (2nd place), Sépaq Annual Card (3rd place)

Zendesk's Sunshine Conversations API Challenge

We challenge you to use your favorite chat platform (between WhatsApp or FB messenger) to build an innovative or original messaging experience. Using our Zendesk Sunshine Conversations API, we’d like to see what you can build over a weekend hackathon!

Prize: TBA

Sun Life Financial: Workplace Well-being Challenge

Create an application/service to help Canadians reduce work related stress levels and prevent workplace burnout.

Prize: 4x Oculus Go

SAP's Best Use of Cloud Technology Challenge

SAP is best known for their ERP software which is the backbone of many well-known companies. Whilst the legacy of the SAP is clearly around creating “Software Products”, focus has shifted to Cloud Services and technologies.

SAP wants to challenge you, dear hacker, to run an application on the cloud leveraging cloud-native technologies.

We will help you to deploy a web application in the cloud (using Kubernetes, Docker Containers and Service Meshes and many more) to showcase your project at scale. All you need to know, is how to code and make simple API calls. We will be with you to lift your project into the “Cloud”!

Prize: Interview with the SAP Labs team for each member of the winning team

Octave's Build an Innovative Music Player Challenge

It’s your first day working at Octave Group. You are introduced to our product: a very basic music player that has play, skip and stop functions. You are tasked to enhance what we have by building a ground-breaking product to shape how music influences daily tasks by leveraging on external information.

The building blocks:

- Music player

- Player API with basic functionalities such as: play, skip, stop, etc.)

- Music catalog

The creative team proposed using the state of road traffic to influence the way music plays while commuting; however, directors still think there must be more innovative ways to create a “ground-breaking” experience by adapting our player. How can you blow their minds?


Github repo to get started

Prize: $750 + company swag + afternoon @ OG for demos, lunch, presentations (1st place), $500 + company swag (2nd place), $250 + company swag (3rd place), + prize hard copy of your favorite albums

Telus: Technology for Mental Health Well-being

Leverage technology to manage/improve any mental health related issue. At the end of the hackathon, we look forward to your projects tackling the issue of mental health that our society faces, across all generations. Feel free to be creative and explore the area of mental health or go with our sub theme of cyber bullying.

Prize: $800 Visa Gift Cards (1st place), $200 Visa Gift Cards (2nd place), and preferential interview placement for all winning team members

GSoft: The Future of Work

GSoft’s quest is to help make the world (of work) better by developing technological tools that are smart, simple and powerful. We do it by making people our priority. It's what gives meaning to everything we do. Join us in our quest by selecting any or as many of the following 3 challenges:

1. Propose: What will the future of work look like in your opinion? What challenges will companies be facing with their employees? Build a creative tool to improve employees day-to-day in the Future of Work. You can tackle the problem as you wish, be bold!

2. Help employees be productive and focused: Communication Technologies makes it easy to communicate with colleagues, but at the same time hard to focus and complete tasks without being interrupted by notifications. Inspired by the Pomodoro concept, help employees become more efficient on their day-to-day through Slack or Microsoft Teams. We want to see if you can push the concept further, be creative!

3. Capture employee skills: We wish you to find a creative way to capture employee skills. It can be a game, a bot or anything else you believe will be the best channel. We provide a list of 150 skills that we want to tag employees with. You may use Slack, Microsoft Teams or build a standalone solution.

Prize: 4x $125 Visa Gift Cards

Shutterstock's Computer Vision API Challenge

Using Shutterstock’s API showcase an innovative application for Shutterstock’s search and/or computer vision services. Whether that’s driving business and marketing through creative asset creation (think online video editor), or improving internet accessibility (audio read-out of video content during playback), or simply building the funniest memes (on-the-fly image manipulation, object detection, etc). When extended to smart phones, IoT devices, plugins and add-ons to other web services, the possibilities are endless.

Prize: 4x $100 Amazon Gift Cards + 3 months subscription to Shutterstock

Concordia Bootcamp's Explore Education Challenge

We’re looking for the most novel ideas around education. It can be a tool for teachers, an app for kids, anything goes.

Prize: 4x Amazon Echo Dot

TD Bank: TD Insurance API Challenge

TD Insurance praises innovative thinking to continuously protect our customers: The challenge is to propose an IT system to offer people the means to protect themselves against different kinds of unforeseen events that could cause property damage or loss, by leveraging AI and/or IoT. Examples of such situations could be in the domain of automobile insurance such as accidents caused by dangerous driving, or in the domain of residential insurance such as flooding or fire. We encourage using the following languages and technologies:

Languages: Java, Javascript, Typescript, C/C++, Python, R

Technologies and frameworks: nodeJS, Angular, MongoDb, REST APIs

Prize: 4x $100 Visa Gift Cards

DRW's Data Visualization Challenge

Who has the best data visualization – any financial data will yield bonus points!

Prize: 4x Oculus Go

Tactio: Remote Patient Monitoring App

With technologies available today:

- You should not wait hours at the clinic to have someone taking your vital signs.

- System should alert your doctor when your vital signs raise concern, so he can give you relevant advice when needed.

- For people with chronic disease, this could significantly improve their life.

Let’s build an app for that! We will provide you the best tools: Tactio’s API & SDK.

Prize: 4x ultimate official Tactio lumber jacket (value of $100 each)

Unity AR Challenge

The best AR application created with Unity.

Prize: 4x Unity plus licenses + Unity swag + special invitation to the studio

Intact Challenge

Intact Insurance aims at offering the best services to our clients. We thrive in making sure our customers’ satisfaction and needs are met in the most efficient way possible. To do so, we believe in using machine learning to find new solutions with the high amount of data we possess. Your task will be to come up with a creative application of machine learning for the insurance world. You can use the following datasets to get a sense of what we use for datasets:

Geospatial analysis: How can we help preventing accident?

Computer Vision: How can we better detect fraud with images?

Language: How can we leverage all the text and recordings we have?

Prize: A visit to our office in downtown, meet with staff members and get the chance to ask questions about internship opportunities.


HackConcordia 1st Place - Nintendo Switch + Jetbrains licenses + 4x 1password 3year licenses + digital ocean 2000$ credit

Courtesy of HackConcordia

HackConcordia 2nd Place - BT Speaker (JBL Pulse) + 4x 1password 2year licenses

Courtesy of HackConcordia

HackConcordia 3rd Place - Oculus Go + 4x 1password 1year licenses

Courtesy of HackConcordia

Workshop raffle prizes - 1x Nintendo Switch Lite, 1x Free Javascript part-time class at LightHouse Labs (worth 1575$), 1x Google Nest Mini

Courtesy of HackConcordia

Top 25 (by DevPost likes) - Wolfram|One Personal Edition 1 year, 5x Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1 year

Courtesy of HackConcordia

Popular prize (most devpost likes) - 4x Startupfest tickets

Courtesy of HackConcordia

$250 MEC gift card (1st place), Fitbit Inspire HR (2nd place), Sépaq Annual Card (3rd place)

Courtesy of CGI

4x Oculus Go

Courtesy of Sun Life Financial

$750 + company swag + afternoon @ OG for demos, lunch, presentations (1st place), $500 + company swag (2nd place), $250 + company swag (3rd place), + prize hard copy of your favorite albums

Courtesy of Octave

$800 Visa Gift Cards (1st place), $200 Visa Gift Cards (2nd place), and preferential interview placement for all winning team members.

Courtesy of Telus

4x $125 Visa Gift Cards

Courtesy of GSoft

4x $100 Amazon Gift Cards + 3 months subscription to Shutterstock

Courtesy of Shutterstock

4x Amazon Echo Dot

Courtesy of Concordia Bootcamp

4x $100 Visa Gift Cards

Courtesy of TD Bank

4x Oculus Go

Courtesy of DRW

4x ultimate official Tactio lumber jacket (value of $100 each)

Courtesy of Tactio

4x Unity plus licenses + Unity swag + special invitation to the studio

Courtesy of Unity

A visit to our office in downtown, meet with staff members and get the chance to ask questions about internship opportunities.

Courtesy of Intact

Interview with the SAP Labs team for each member of the winning team

Courtesy of SAP

4x crystal cubes with a laser etching of a RADARSAT Constellation Mission satellite

Courtesy of MDA


SunLife Financial: Accelerated Idea Generation - A Design Thinking Workshop by Sun Life

11:15 am @ 2.210See details

Telus: Bringing 5G to Life: Roadmap, use cases and emerging trends

11:45 am @ 2.270See details

DRW: Technology in trading

1:00 pm @ 2.270See details

Stelvio: Docker 101

1:40 pm @ 2.210See details

Shutterstock: Powering Creativity with the Shutterstock API

2:20 pm @ 2.270See details

Zendesk: Let’s play Tetris on Messenger! - How to build a conversational game

3:00 pm @ 2.210See details

Octave Group: Building HTTP2 gRPC-based APIs

3:40 pm @ 2.270See details

Matrox: Learn how Computer Vision and Machine Learning is developed to meet High Accuracy and High Performance requirements of Industrial Applications

4:20 pm @ 2.210See details

Ubisoft: Realities of AAA Game Programming

5:00 pm @ 2.270See details

Unity: The future of AR with Unity!

5:45 pm @ 2.210See details

Tactio: Getting Started with Tactio API & SDK

6:20 pm @ 2.270See details

Intact: How to Unleash Chatbot into the Wild!

8:00 pm @ 2.210See details

Booth Games


HP will be hosting in-booth game challenges that will put key skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and critical thinking to the test. See if you have what it takes for your chance to win (2 winners) a $50 gift card!


Arcade Challenge: We will have an Arcade at our booth. If participants get 8 out of 10 or more, they can enter their name in a draw to win $100 Amazon gift card.

Promo Codes


700x 3 months free trials

Digital Ocean

650x trials


800x 25$ linode promo code (given in-person)


AWS providing a promotion code so that students can build using AWS services and features. Promotion code is to be used in conjunction with AWS Educate sign up. When creating an AWS Educate account you will be able to enter a promotion code to receive a guaranteed $100 of AWS Promotional Credits. AWS Promotion Code: “AWS_ConUHacks”.


100$ credit for Azure to every student (given in-person)


For anyone needing to build payments into their project, our friends at Square have provided all the info you need to use their APIs. First $1000 in card sales with no fees by using this link to create your account. You can also DM stephen-square or tristan-square on Square slack channel in the #help channel (


Access to Wolfram|One API


Provided by MLH (

Alienware Laptop (2)

Amazon Echo Dot(5)

Amazon Echo Show (3)

Arduino 101 + Base Shield Kit (8)

Digi-key Component Kit (1)

Dell XPS 13 Laptop (2)

Fitbit (4)

Google Home Mini (7)

Grove Starter Kit Components (1)

Leap Motion (7)

Oculus Rift (6)

Raspberry Pi 4 B Kit (6)

Important Links

Twitter: @HackConcordia, @ConUHacks

Facebook: @ConUHacks

Instagram: @ConUHacks

Snapchat: @hackconcordia